Liebrecht Art Gallery




The need to feel secure is a basic human one and in many cases, we build walls to satisfy this need, in a wide variety of forms and on both the individual and collective levels. But in other cases, walls are merely barriers, obstructions, and in many cases totally unnecessary or at least not in the interest of the whole of humankind. Eventually, we then break them down, as happened with the Berlin Wall which fell in 1989. You simply cannot keep people apart forever, as history has shown us time and time again. Constructing such a wall always turns out be a futile exercise, but one in which we seem to find great pleasure. It is probably a basic human instinct to demarcate your territory, to proclaim your patch.

Rather than providing answers, the paintings hanging on the walls of the Liebrecht raise questions. The challenge and pleasure of seeking answers we leave to the viewer. That, in the end, is the true value of art.



The participating artists are:

Janine Allen-Spies, Philip Badenhorst, Ydi Carstens, Arlette Franks, Gina Heyer, Rachelle Hugo, Danielle Jordaan, Ros Koch, Sharon Moses, Clifford Mpai, Marli Steyl


Marli Steyl's Green Bathroom Oil Painting
Marli Steyl's Blue Bathroom



More than 120 home moods by 40 artists are to be experienced.

All works are exactly 18x18 cm in size, all are on wood, all are framed in exactly the same way in kiaat. Only the moods differ.


The participating artists are:

Di Johnson-Ackerman, Jaco Benade, Karla Benade, Heidi Beyers, Janet Botes, Nicole Anne Bouwer, Ydi Carstens, Jaco Coetzee, Lana Combrinck, Klara-Marié den Heijer, Marie-Adèle de Villiers, Elbie Visser, Heidi Fourie, Wendy Gaybba, Susan Grundlingh, Victor Harley, Jolante Hesse, Rachelle Hugo, Jackie Jones, Sue Kaplan, Lindi Lombard, Paula Louw, Madelein Marincowitz, Sharlé Matthews, Clare Menck, Sharon Moses, Lisa-Marie Myburgh, Gideon Nel, Ingrid Nuss, Karen Pretorius, Rentia Retief, Marguerite Roux, Heidi Salzwedel, Marli Steyl, Zelda Stroud, Lydia Uys, Thelma van Rensburg Marais, Lieze van Staden, Andrieta Wentzel, Danielle Wepener, Derek Zietsman