21.08.2019 - 10.09.019

ART.B Botanica II Exhibition

Botanical Art has in the past referred to the depiction of the form, colour and details of plant species, often with an emphasis on scientific accuracy, along with an artistic component.  Following on from last year’s first successful ‘Botanica’ exhibition, artists invited to participate in ‘Botanica II’ were asked by curator Adele van Heerden to challenge the traditional understanding of Botanical Art, while incorporating unconventional techniques.  As the Cape heads into spring, viewers can look forward to immersing themselves in a garden of floral-inspired artworks in a wide variety of media, from embroidery and fibre arts to ceramics, sculpture, assemblage, collage, painting, printmaking and drawing.

Participating artists include:
Kimathi Mafafo, Marli Steyl, Caitlin Mkhasibe, Sophie Peters, Judy Woodborne, Michelle LeGrange, Antoinette Hampton, Ilse Nieman, Katharine Meeding, Clare Menck, Pascale Chandler, Ilené Bothma, Juria Le Roux, Jolandi Coetzee, Monique Day-Wilde, Zelda Weber, Marguerite Roux, Chloe Obermeyer, Odette Graskie, Tanja Truscott, Helen van Stolk and Kali van der Merwe.